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Questions About Editions

Questions About Ordering


What are the differences between S/N and A/P?

Many artists release multiple proofs or editions of limited artwork.  Most of the artists we have on this website follow a similar structure.  The S/N or Standard Number is the most affordable way of owning a limited edition painting.  The S/N is a giclee transfer of very high quality.  Once the transfer is complete, a clear coat protective layer is laid on top.  This layer is transparent, but protects the painting from UVA and UVB light and also makes it easier to clean.  Once the clear coat is applied, one of the artist's apprentices apply some finishing touches called highlighting to give the appearence of an original oil painting.

The A/P or Artist Proof is the next step up in both collectibility and quality.  The A/P is still a giclee transfer and still gets the clear coat barrier.  The A/P has fewer paintings produced making it a more collectible painting.  The artist himself adds the highlighting to the finished product making it more special to the collector.

We also sale the original paintings if they are available.  Since originals are only 1 of a kind, we recommend calling us at 1-800-771-9501 to find out which ones are available.

Can I return my painting if I am not satisfied?

We want you to be happy with the painting your receive.  Due to the custom framing and sizing of Robert Finale paintings, we ask that you give us a call to arrange a return policy on an individual basis.  Please call 1-800-771-9501 to speak to an art consultant.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

We have a very large stock of paintings and frames on hand to ship within 3 to 4 days of receiving the order.  However, some paintings or frames will require us to make a special order and may take up to 6 weeks to receive.  We want to make every attempt to get the product you order to you as quickly as possible.  Please give us a call if you have a time-sensitive order you would like to place.

Is the shipping process safe?

Yes.  We prefer to ship everything via FedEx because they have a good insurace system in place.  We insure every painting we ship, so that if anything happens we can get if fixed at no cost to you.

What is the difference between Open and Limited Edition?

Most of the paintings we sell are limited edition.  However, we do have a few open edition items as well.  "Limited Edition" artwork is limited to a specific number that will be produced.  Once that number is reached it is considered "sold out" and will not be produced any more.  "Open Edition" artwork is not limited to a specific number.  It is reproduced as many times as needed to meet the demand.  Limited edition artwork is scene as an investment, while open edition artwork is not.