Robert Finale

Mile High Denver 16th St.


We have had the pleasure of dealing via email and telephone with John McIntire for our recent Thomas Kinkade picture. He is a great representative for Thomas Kinkade. He sets the perfect example of excellent customer service. He builds trust and creates rapport. He is dedicated, honest, and delivers what he promises. We cannot say enough good kudos about him and we will be passing his name around to our fellow Thomas Kinkade lovers . . . up here in Canada . We will definitely be purchasing more art from John McIntire.
Always, Best Regards,
Patrice ( Canada )

March 24, 2010


Thank you for all your patience with me regarding my never ending supply of questions. You will learn as we hopefully continue to do business together that I enjoy learning all I can before diving in to the investment.

As a compliment to your business, please know that I probably went on to every Kinkade signature gallery website before choosing to order through yours. I found your site to be very informative and inviting. I find myself taking a few minutes a day on it in hopes of finding my next piece. Haha. It was a pleasure working with you.

Not to be nit picky but please make sure the personalization from thom includes capitalization on all words and the "..." Following "There" -- so exactly "If I Can Make It There..."

Thanks again and I am counting down the days to June 12.